Q: Can children join the tour?

Yes, the tour is appropriate for all-ages.  The tasting, however, is only for adults 21+.  Non-alcoholic beverages are provided for our young guests.

Q: Do you still operate if it is raining?

Yes, this is Seattle.  We do all sorts of things in the rain, including tours.  Luckily, our summer days are typically dry.  We will have a few umbrellas available in the event of a summer shower.

Q: Can I leave my belongings at The VUDE during the tour?

Sure, you may leave items in our offices while we are on the tour (which begins and ends at The VUDE).  We cannot, however, be held responsible for expensive items or chocolate.  If you leave us and realize that you've forgotten something, please contact us at 206-264-0784, and we will do our best to return the non-chocolate items to you.  

Q: Will there be restrooms throughout the tour?

Yes, The VUDE has restrooms for your convenience.

Q: How long is the tour? Is it strenuous? Wheelchair accessible?

The walking portion of the tour is about 45 minutes with an additional 20-30 minutes of wine tasting at the end.  The neighborhood is flat and we walk slow with lots of stops and shade.  The VUDE is accessible and the streets are ramped for your convenience.

Q: What language(s) do the tour guides speak?

At this time, our tour guides are only proficient in English.  We can, however, get by with gestures and tiny amounts of Spanglish.